A cross-community group providing sport across the interface in North Belfast.

Playing for Limestone United made me wise up quite a bit but in the past things I done caught up with me and when I was 17 I was arrested for attempted murder.

Long story short this case went on for over 3 years and in that time, I had got myself a job, moved into my own house and my partner was expecting our first child. I ended up going to jail for it.

I appealed my sentence, I had done 6 months then it was time for my hearing. The case against me was that I was a sectarian bigot but the references I had about my time in the football team changed all that and they came from Police and catholic and protestant youth workers in the Limestone area of North Belfast.

Their argument fell apart and in my eyes Limestone United got me out of jail and got me to see the birth of my daughter which I would have missed if I had not got out of jail so from that day I have always wanted to do good for my team and to repay the things they had done for me.

I can see it now having an impact on the younger generation which is brilliant to think it has come so far and still going from strength to strength.
Peter Clarke
Peter Clarke
My thoughts on playing for Limestone United is that it has been the best thing that has even happened to the Limestone Road and the Tigers bay.

If it was not for Brian and Stuart making this team up and bringing the two sides together I probably would still be in a sectarian mindset, throwing bottles and bricks for no reason but religion.

To me personally, it has made a big impact on my life with meeting new people, bringing sides together and moving forward in life.

Over the last few years working with the Limestone United group I have met people that I never thought would be possible to get along with, so I owe a big thank you for everybody's hard work and effort that has been put into the team and hope more people can follow in our footsteps to bring sides together in the future.

I am now coaching the Limestone United junior football team and it's a fantastic opportunity to give back something to stop any more.

Declan Mcdaid

Limestone United cross community project is committed to making our communities safer by supporting our young people to move away from negative interface activity and into good relations projects.

Our sport across the interface model helps us to reduce risk factors affecting our young people and enhance our protective factors.

Together we can help our young people reach their full potential and create community champions who will bring about positive change in their community

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We value our partners support over so many years as we work in partnership to improve the lives of young people in our community


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